Experiment Beauty explains beauty science with a fun twist

Press Reset Ventures
4 min readSep 12, 2022


You might’ve seen this fun, maybe quirky, neon green reusable sheet mask popping up here and there on your social feed.

Well, that’s a new skincare brand called Experiment Beauty that’s all about making science fun and approachable. And we are delighted to announce our very first investment of Press Reset Ventures (PRV) is Experiment Beauty. With PRV’s mission to be a part of other companies’ journey in building a brand that lasts rather than building a brand to sell, Experiment Beauty was the perfect first partner for us.

Experiment Beauty was founded by Lisa Guerrera and Emmy Ketcham, who wanted to challenge and re-imagine what a science-based beauty brand can become. Seeing how congested the beauty industry can be with “new and improved products” with very little clinical research, Experiment beauty emphasizes its importance of being a helpful guide in the skincare industry while being approachable to its consumers by encouraging science-based knowledge.

Experiment Beauty’s vision is to bring attainable knowledge into skincare the right way. All of its products are “…clinically backed up, thoughtfully sustainable, and ridiculously fun to change the narrative of science-based beauty…” as Guerrera explains. Because the biggest damaging components of skincare knowledge are misinformation and marketing around science, Guerrera’s goals through this company are to find fun ways to truly educate consumers and to fight misinformation with ethical marketing. By doing so, Experiment Beauty stands out from the rest by creating quality products while educating consumers about its ingredient list and making science far more approachable.

Although the scientific side of skincare can be quite daunting, Experiment Beauty makes it a priority to educate its consumers with a comfortable approach that makes science seem like a friend, not a foe.

Press Reset Ventures believes that overconsumption and obsessive marketing are tactics that are rather quite detrimental to the beauty industry, as it oversaturates the market and creates more problems than it does solutions. However, Experiment Beauty focuses on simplifying the typical beauty routine by creating only the essentials with great detail. Similarly to KraveBeauty, it also challenges its consumers to think outside the box and break skincare stereotypes by making its consumers the priority, rather than the products.

Guerrera emphasizes the importance of sustainability with her brand, which is why she believes that creating the most value out of her products is the most important part of the process. For example, the infamous Avant Guard mask predicts the future of sheet masks, as it is made with 93% fewer carbon emissions than single-use masks. It’s also renewable that only needs thorough cleaning after each use. Being ethically resourceful and brainstorming from a holistic approach helps Experiment Beauty balance its growth and decisions long term. To Guerrera, quality over quantity with the best intention is the right way to grow her company. Although “brand popularity” is prevalent in all marketing tactics, especially on social media, Guerrera states that “having clear boundaries rather than gaining popularity as quickly as possible will help us grow steadily long-term.”

At PRV, we aim to provide our operational support for Experiment’s mission to hone in on their biggest secret sauce: Being the best chemists in the lab with the best intentions to help their customers’ skin needs. With our partnership, we hope to continue threading the needle through the beauty industry to create a more sustainable and intentional space, both for creators and consumers. It is our goal to showcase companies, such as Experiment Beauty, to raise awareness of how we can collectively be a positive change in the world through clean, sustainable, and productive business strategies for long-term success.